From New Driveways to Drainage Preparation in Horsham | Benefits of Our Services


Here at BVMH Groundworks, we pride ourselves on achieving 100% customer and client satisfaction with every project we complete. This includes working to the highest standards of workmanship and offering a bespoke service tailored to suit individual requirements. As a result, the services we produce come with an array of benefits. Whether it’s a new driveway, foundation installations or drainage preparation work, we offer our clients in Horsham outstanding value for their investment. If you require the services of paving contractors or groundwork contractors, BVMH Groundworks remains the obvious choice.


For the consideration of new and returning clients alike, we have outlined below some of the benefits that come with our most popular services.


Advantages of Choosing Our Services


Foundation Installations


When it comes to choosing us as your groundwork contractors in Horsham, you receive a team that shares more than a century of trade and industry experience. As a result, we have extensive knowledge of how to produce optimal foundations in any kind of soil type. Without the expertise of a time-served professional, foundation installations run the risk of being sub-standard. When it comes to such a vital component of construction, this can have major consequences.


In this regard, the foundation installations that we produce as groundwork contractors offer the ultimate peace of mind and an impressive return on your investment. With foundations built for purpose, issues such as sinking and subsidence will not become an issue, nor will the extreme case of structural collapse.


Our foundation installations perform to optimal standards long into the future, requiring none of the correction work or repairs that might come with less experienced groundwork contractors.


Drainage Preparation


As part of the services we provide as groundwork contractors, drainage preparation work also occurs in the pre-construction phase. With services to follow ours as part of the ongoing project, one of the leading benefits of our drainage preparation is the completion of work on time and within budget. With our vastly experienced team on site in Horsham, you all but eliminate the risk of costly, disruptive delays.


Having completed drainage preparation work, the results very swiftly get built over as the rest of the building takes shape. As such, our results need to meet all specifications and work effectively before this point. Any arising issues discovered after this require inconvenient and expensive repair works with difficult access.


With our proven standards for quality, we achieve a consistent level of drainage preparation results first time, allowing for a smooth transition into the remainder of the project.


New Driveways, Patios & Paving


In our role as paving contractors, we also install a comprehensive range of new driveways, patios, pathways and other paving features. With our extensive background as groundwork contractors, as well as our work ethic and commitment to outstanding customer service, the biggest benefit we provide is a stunning paved feature built to last.


As your paving contractor of choice, we meticulously plan every new driveway, patio and paved area to ensure the correct fall for surface water management, the presence of root networks in the soil, the soil type itself and, perhaps most importantly for our Horsham clients, a stunning aesthetic that exceeds expectations.


Not all paving contractors can strike the perfect balance between these aspects of service. With BVMH Groundworks, you can rest assured that your new driveway, patio and walkway has been thought through, installed to exacting standards and will perform robustly long into the future, offering a great return on your investment.


For an informal talk about any of the services we provide as groundwork contractors or paving contractors in Horsham, call 01903 536 587 or 07886 310 779.