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Here at BVMH Groundworks, we provide a locally trusted service for foundation installations in East Sussex, West Sussex and across the South East. Installing foundations remains one of the most common, and essential, services that we perform as groundwork contractors. Not only do meticulously planned foundations provide a solid base on which the remainder of a construction project takes place, they also eliminate the risk of collapse or subsidence. When handled poorly, foundation installations pose both immediate and long-term hazards, all of which cause significant stress and disruption as well as coming with a significant cost to rectify.


As such, we cannot overstate the importance of choosing groundwork contractors who specialise in this area. At BVMH Groundworks, we do exactly that. From our base in Worthing, we have a proven track record for faultless foundation installations in locations such as Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Horsham and the surrounding areas.


Below, we have provided a brief guide to the various types of foundations we utilise on projects in the region.


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Raft Foundations


As your groundwork contractors of choice, we use raft foundations for weak and/or expansive soils like soft clays or peat. In fact, the name ‘raft’ comes from their ability to allow a property to ‘float’ on the soil.


Raft Foundations consist of concrete that we pour into a large slab. In turn, this slab helps to spread the load of the structure it supports.


In our role as your groundwork contractors, we draw up precise plans specific to your property and structure. This ensures that foundation installations in Worthing, Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath, Horsham and across the South East support your construction work and last indefinitely.


BVMH Groundworks also provides a start-to-finish service for paving, patios and driveways.

For more details about foundation installations in Worthing and throughout the South East, call 01903 536 587 or 07886 310 779.

Types of Foundation


All of the listed foundations have the same purpose: to evenly distribute the weight of their structure over a large enough surface to ensure the subsoil beneath doesn’t move.


Strip Foundations


Designed to support load-bearing walls, strip foundations usually have a width of 450mm to 600mm and a depth of 100mm. These numbers vary on factors such as the type of structure being built and the number of storeys. Consisting of concrete, they take the form of a continuous strip supporting the wall above.


These designs usually constitute shallow foundation installations. However, where necessary, we install deep strip foundations if we need to dig further down to reach suitable ground. In fact, we specialise in the laying of deep strip foundations in areas with trees or existing drains. In these cases, we install foundations to a depth of 3.5 metres deep.


As time-served groundwork contractors, we also work with wide strip foundations. These spread their load over a wider area, making them ideal for soft soils.


Trench-Fill Foundations


When it comes to foundation installations in Worthing and neighbouring areas like Brighton, Chichester, Haywards Heath and Horsham, trench-fill solutions remain among the most common and cost-effective. Put simply, our groundwork contractors excavate to a depth that presents sufficient load-bearing qualities. Upon finding this, we create an entire trench network and fill it with concrete.


In cases where the roots of nearby trees pose a potential risk of compromising the foundations in time, we add steel to the concrete for increased resilience.


Piled Foundations


This approach to foundation installations involves the use of columns, 2 to 3 metres in length, driven deep into the ground. We join each individual column through a reinforced concrete beam and then build a suspended ground floor on top. This provides an exceptionally strong base designed to handle the weight of larger structures.


In our role as groundwork contractors, we either pre-fabricate these columns or construct them on site in Worthing or the neighbouring areas, depending on the specifics of the job.


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Paving Contractors in Haywards Heath
Paving Contractors in Brighton
Paving Contractors in Haywards Heath
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