Every residential extension starts with accurate plans. The accuracy of these plans dictates the entire scale and work that goes into the extension. We have extensive experience in digging the foundations for extensions large and small and can advise you from the plans on how we think what the architect has created will actually end up being like. In most cases there needs to be adjustments to the plans as architects aren’t overly experienced and we can advise you on this.

If plans have been approved and there are adjustments we can handle these with your planning officer/building inspector on the first inspection and have this signed off on your behalf.

How important are the foundations?

The foundations are the most important element to a property as it is what the house sits on, with weak or poorly constructed foundations the property becomes weak and causes risk to adjoining property.

Not only do we specialise in residential footings, we also cover the drainage and soakaway aspects for the project. Many do not realise that the majority of the time plans drawn by architects can not always represent the final solution for drainage. This can be for many reasons including not knowing the layout of neighbours drains, not knowing the geology of the grounds which may prevent a soakaway from being installed, or simply that the client has changed the internal layout of the property and a new drainage design is required.

Our Foundation and residential groundwork services

We handle building control, we quote based on materials and labour and we turn up when we say we will and usually complete the job in a shorter time than anticipated meaning your build gets done quicker.

See some of our groundwork projects here. 


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