Sewage Treatment Plants is the new (ish) term for Septic Tanks, they are sometimes known as Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants or Eco Electric sewage treatment plants. These tanks are highly efficient alternatives to main sewage and work to reduce amount of waste left at the end of the process as well as reduce the smells that we normally associate with septic tanks of old. These new tanks are also designed to be low-maintenance and low-running costs.

Septic Tank Installation / Sewage Treatment Plant installation

We undertake all installations of the variations of septic tanks, we are experienced at all levels of the project whether it is new-build or retro-fit. At the same time as installation we will also advise on the best landscaping and soft-landscaping needed to make the most out of the installation.

Septic tanks are now outdated, often costing more to purchase and install and are often refused by local planning authorities. Under Environment agency rules all existing septic tanks that discharge into watercourses have to be replaced by 2020.

Onion shaped septic tanks require a concrete back-fill, whereas low-profile tanks only require gravel. The hole required for a low-profile septic tank is obviously less as well which cuts down on the man-hours and the waste away.

We will discuss the best tank required for your project.


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