Drainage repairs can be frustrating for home owners as the financial outlay for a repair doesn’t result in a visible result, only a new piece of functioning drainage beneath their garden or drive!

Collapsed Drains

How do you know if you have a collapsed drain? Usually the first instance of a collapsed drain is a smell of ‘drains’, then an inspection will show that the foul water is backing up in the inspection chamber and could be as bad as back to the house. Another sign might be that an area of garden goes a little ‘swamp like’ or the driveway is always wet. This is where the collapse is so bad that it allows the flow of sewage past the break and into the surrounding soil or substrate.

If you have collapsed or cracked drains it is usually necessary to make the replacement via excavation. This literally means digging down to the section of broken or collapsed drain and repairing it.

Making good the excavation

Our quote will consider the need to not only excavate and repair the drain, but also to make good the surrounding area and planting. We will excavate and remove existing planting so that it can be replanted, we will also remove existing stone or driveway so that it can be made to look as close to the original as possible. Many drainage contractors will leave you with the drain replaced and the hole filled in but leaving you to source a contractor to do the making good. We cover all bases.


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