During the course of residential extensions, equestrian facility installation, driveway creation and laying and even patio’s there exists the need to either alter the course of a current drain, add in manholes or inspection chambers, drain land completely or install brand new fresh drainage and sewage treatment plants.

During the building process many builders require us to advise and derive plans for the drainage that were beyond the original plans. Architects and designers rarely have the ability and technical know-how to see the complete picture of a building project, let-alone the angles, falls and regulations surrounding drainage alterations or installations.

This is where the BVMH expertise comes in.

Drainage Installations

Our drainage installation process is to visit the site, review the plans and provide a written quote. We will arrive on-site, usually to complete the groundworks stage of the project, and keep you in the loop as the work continues. It is at this stage where changes may be required depending on the ground, other drains, changes made by the client to the plans or as our observations are made on the appropriateness of the drains.

This could be anything such as soakaways being ineffective to handle rainwater due to low porous rock, or the need to divert certain drains from neighbouring properties, or something completely unexpected.


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