Residential Decking, Veranda’s and wooden terraces – Custom Built for you

Decking is one of the most popular choices for creating a feature within a garden, whether it is a small town terrace or a large country pad. The wide range of materials on offer means you can fit your decking to your property, budget and style preferences. For example you may want a longer lasting hardwood cedar decking, reddish in colour which complements your garden style. Or, a lively and hardwearing pine wood may set the modern exterior features of your home. The choices and combinations are almost endless – all powered by your imagination and our skills.

Professional Decking Construction

We create professionally constructed decking systems; by using high-quality materials, tried and tested construction techniques, a deck can not only add to your enjoyment of your home, eradicate mud and garden detritus from creeping into your house but it will also act as an extension to the room that leads onto it.

The construction of your deck is important, a common misconception is ‘as long as it looks good it will be OK’, but fundamentally whats beneath a deck i.e it’s construction is the most important part as it ensures longevity and durability which makes your investment last longer.

It also has the ability to enhance a garden visually and provide an outside living area perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

Decking Options

There are a wide range of additional extras to choose from including balustrades, pergolas and privacy screens.

Decking is a very effective way of making use of sloping or even ground. With the use of stilts and steps, different levels can be created giving the impression of uniformity and will make a garden much easier to navigate. Much of the time garden designers do not have the necessary plant to really had landscape a garden, with our team of excavators and groundworkers we can make that garden dream a reality.

Our professional team are also capable of creating other features from timber including pergolasarbours and archways.


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