Groundwork Contractors in Chichester | Dealing with Poor Drainage


In our role as specialist groundwork, drainage and paving contractors, we understand the frustration that poor drainage issues cause property owners in Chichester and the surrounding areas. As we all know too well, we get our fair share of rain over the course of a year, and this frequently leads to waterlogged front and back gardens. Not only does this become impractical and unsightly, it also has the potential to kill-off plants and cause long-term structural problems. As the region’s trusted groundwork contractors, with the capability to handle anything from a new driveway to drainage preparation and foundation installations, we find ideal solutions to solve this common issue.


As the trusted choice for groundwork, drainage and paving contractors in the Chichester area, we have taken a closer look below at some of the root causes behind poor drainage as well as some of the solutions.


Causes of Poor Drainage


The reasons behind poor drainage come in many forms, but overly compacted soil remains one of the most frequently occurring. A leading cause of this often comes during construction or building work. Naturally, these projects utilise heavy equipment and machinery that exerts a significant amount of pressure over a prolonged period of time. When factoring in increased footfall too, the soil starts to compact, becoming less capable of handling rainfall.


We have also encountered examples of negligent groundwork contractors allowing subsoil and topsoil to mix during projects like laying a new driveway, drainage preparation and foundation installations. This mixture creates a heavy plot that soon becomes overwhelmed during inclement weather.


Natural causes also occur in addition to human factors. These most commonly come in the form of the soil’s natural characteristics. For example, clay soils retain a higher volume of water than most comparable types. In addition, the naturally occurring contours of the land have an effect too. During our work as paving contractors and groundwork contractors, we often encounter a water table, a depression in which water collects, particularly in greener, less developed areas.


Poor Drainage Solutions


One of the simplest, most cost-effective solutions for poor drainage at Chichester properties is the installation of soakaways. These features do exactly what their name suggests. They consist of a large hole excavated by our groundwork contractors that we then fill with either crates or assorted debris such as rubble and broken bricks. Whichever option our clients choose, we then apply a depth of soil for a seamless finish.


As time-served groundwork and paving contractors, we usually place soakaways at the bottom of a garden or in conjunction with the requirements of a new driveway, allowing water to flow naturally in their direction. Needless to say, we ensure our excavations remain at a safe distance from foundation installations and drainage preparation work.


In cases with problematic topsoil, we simply excavate around 6 inches from the top and replace it. This approach, along with soakaway installations, provides swift, reliable and affordable results suitable for any budget.


If problems persist even after we take these measures, our groundwork contractors may suggest more extensive solutions such as drainage ditches. As a vastly experienced company with expertise spanning projects such as new driveways, groundworks, drainage preparation and foundation installations, we always ensure our clients have the utmost satisfaction.


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