BVMH Groundworks have built a strong reputation over the past decade for reliability, value-for-money, attention to detail and courtesy. Our teams of experienced groundwork contractors follow the companies ethos and add to the reputation we enjoy.

Groundwork Contractors

As one of the South-East’s leading groundwork companies we are successful in both private and corporate contracts, occupying the sweet spot between local friendly firm and capable excavation and groundwork contractor for almost any civil engineering contract.

Founding owner, Ben Humphries, oversee’s all operations, not matter how large or small and guarantee’s satisfaction for all BVMH clients. Ben will discuss your project over the telephone which is then followed up with a site visit and a review of the plans.

Residential Groundworks and Drainage Projects

For residential drainage and groundwork projects we can work with your existing builder and project manager. In many cases we help define the drainage and excavation plans, something which is rarely in the skill-set of the architect or project manager. Our recommendations are always with the customer in mind, often with time or budget saving consequences for you.

We quote for the work specified by you, as well as account for any suggestions or recommendations we make. 95% of our CheckaTrade reviews agree we stick to the original quoted budget, with the remaining 5% agreeing that they were kept informed of any fluctuations in the quote. See our BVMH Groundwork CheckaTrade reviews here.

We schedule a day and time to suit the project and you, we benefit from running several qualified teams making us one of the most flexible groundwork contractors in the south-east. Our courteous team arrive on time and aim to complete the project in the allotted time. In some cases we complete ahead of schedule.

Where materials and specialist items are required, we will agree with you a payment stage during the course of the project.

Once complete we respectfully ask that you review us on one of our many review platforms including, CheckaTrade, and Google.

Groundworks and Civil Engineering Contracts

Much the same as our dedication to our residential clients and their contractors, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your civil engineering project. We have the teams, specialist equipment and suppliers built up over a decade of servicing civil engineering contracts ready and waiting to work with your company.

Our crews are fully insured, liability and health and safety compliant.